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Good Beer at Good Beer!

After hearing great reviews, we finally checked out this new beer store in the East Village, Good Beer and we’re glad we did! They opened last November, and they deliver what their name promises. The staff is friendly and helpful and offers advice on different beers, even giving advice on how to find beers they don’t have in stock.

They have a truly impressive selection of about 900 different types of bottled beer in stock, and a good selection of beers on tap changing daily, which they offer as growlers to take away, or serve in pints in the bar.

If you can’t decide, they serve a flight of 4 different beers for 8 bucks! In addition to the beers, they serve some simple snacks like charcuterie, cheese, sausage, and even beer-flavored popcorn at a few small tables at the back.

They’re hosting a tasting of Shipyard Beers tomorrow from 6:30-9:00pm. More details here!

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