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Rare Beers to Look Out For!

We heard that one of our favorite bars, Pony Bar had the rare Limb & Life collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head on tap so we scrambled right over. For those of you with sharp memories, you might remember we mentioned the Life & Limb beer (the other half of the collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Dogfish) during NY Craft Beer week.

Sticking with the Dogfish Head news, the limited edition 2011 120 Minute IPA is out now and it’s great! I’ve seen it in stock at Good Beer- you haveto ask about it specifically behind the counter and it’s limited to one bottle per customer.

One other limited beer to look out for in the NY area is Sixpoint’s Autumnation.  I have heard great things about this mild pumpkin flavored ale, but it has been limited in supply.  I have a friend who has secured me a few cans and I look forward to trying it this weekend!

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